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Grow your own food now. Recycle items. Make smarter energy choices and help stop Global Warming. Protect our forests and save endangered animals now, and for the generations after us.
Let us create a joyful and beautiful world, where animals and humans co-exist peacefully.


Ms. Gillian Gaspard (the Owner/Founder of GHG GLOBAL POWERHOUSE), invites you to join her in her quest to make the world a better place for all. Let us all contribute to a cleaner, safer and healthier planet, that benefits everyone on this blessed earth.


We are currently focusing on 7 main environmental topics. Therefore we have 7 projects that we hope to accomplish with your help. Communicate with us and feel free to share your ideas, stories and lovely photos with us. We appreciate you and want to hear from you.


There are some special organizations worldwide that have been doing such great work, but they need your help to do even more. Help these wonderful organizations by donating some books, stationery, clothes, shoes, foodstuff or cash. Donate and help them today.

Get Involved

Get involved now and volunteer your services to our chosen charities, or volunteer and help out  the people in your community. Additionally, by volunteering you build wonderful friendships, assist communities and contribute to world peace too.

Latest Projects

ways we can help save the planet

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Join or join to help make the world a better place.

You can email us now at to subscribe to our interesting newsletter, to find out about our latest project.  We are currently focusing on 7 main environmental topics. We do hope you will share all our information with your friends and colleagues on the various social networking sites, add environmental sites as well. Subscribe to our newsletter now, to find out about our exciting promotions to win prizes/awards. We appreciate your support and feedback.

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